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Fantasy Premier League gifts and prizes made for fellow FPL enthusiasts. Shop our range of commemorative FPL merch, mini-league prizes and forfeits.


Immortalize Your Rank

There's a new FPL chip that everyone wants, and it ain't the Triple Captain. Immortalise your FPL rank with a poker chip designed exclusively for top managers.

Build Your Stack

FPL Victory Mugs

Drink Up Your Success

Meet the mug you’ll always give to guests. Because tea tastes better when you drink it from a victory chalice. Kudos not enough? Buy a victory mug.

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FPL Joke Mugs

FPL Is A Mug’s Game

If you’re looking for an FPL forfeit, give the gift of public humiliation with our FPL joke mugs. Strictly for mini-league losers only.

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